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The New Criterion appears ten times a year from September to June and publishes articles on ideas and the arts, review of books, art exhibitions, architecture, theater, music, poetry, and commentaries on the cultural scene here and abroad. Contributors include the leading critics of our time, and The New Criterion is the most outspoken and rigorous cultural review to be founded in a generation.

The New Criterion ranked in the top ten most influential periodicals among American intellectuals according to a survey conducted by Steven Brint in In an Age of Experts: The Changing Role of Professionals in Politics and Public Life (Princeton University Press).

Its subscribers are among the most affluent in America: over one-third have household incomes of $100,000 or more. Their discretionary spending includes the purchase of art, antiques, rare books, music, and computer software.

Print Advertising


Trim Size: 7 ¼" x 10
For bleed, please add 1/16" on all four sides to measurements listed below.
No type closer than 5/16 to trim.

Sizes No-Bleed
Inside front cover: 7 ¼" x 10"
Inside back cover: 7 ¼" x 10"
Back cover: 7 ¼" x 10"
Two-page spread: 12 ¾" x 8 ¼"
Full page: 5 5/16" x 8 ¼"
Half page horizontal: 5 5/16" x 4" no bleed
Half page vertical: 2 ½" x 8 ¼" no bleed
Quarter-page vertical: 2 ½" x 4" no bleed


Ads with halftones are usually placed on specially coated pages, and are printed at a 200-line screen.
All ads should be submitted in digital copy in PDF, PICT, JPG format.


Space reservations should be made by the second Friday of the month prior to cover date.

NewCriterion.com Advertising

About www.newcriterion.com

In Spring of 2008, The New Criterion launched a completely redesigned website as an adjunct to the print magazine. The new site boasts several new features – audiocasts, videocasts, and a suite of interactive services for print subscribers. Among others, these include commenting capabilities and the ability to build your own virtual "clippings" library.

The redesigned site will also make advertising with The New Criterion as simple as possible. Newcriterion.com now uses industry standard ad sizes. Ads appear on the home page and all interior pages.

Viewer Statistics

Monthly Averages
45,000 Unique Visits
200,000 Page Views

Sizes Resolution (pixels) Price per month (rotates with other ads)
Leaderboard 728 x 90 $800
Skyscraper 160 x 600 $600
Square 300 x 250 $400


Ads should be submitted in GIF or JPEG formats.
File sizes should not exceed 30Kb.


Site ads run on the same schedule as the print magazine. All new ads are posted on the first of each month.

Please send all insertion orders, contracts, & advertising materials to:

Eric Simpson
The New Criterion
900 Broadway Suite 602
New York, NY 10003
Email: advertising@newcriterion.com