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The Media

February 2004

Beast-man politics

by James Bowman

On flying over the cuckoo's nest with Lyndon LaRouche.

In late December and early January, the repose of my study was disturbed by a sound-truck belonging to Lyndon LaRouche—sometimes on its own, blaring beneath my window, and sometimes as part of a minuscule procession, a pathetic gaggle of LaRouche’s lunatic supporters. On one occasion there was a flat-bed truck with half-a-dozen people standing on it and beating their breasts against the cold—or possibly for joy—while purporting to represent “the LaRouche youth movement.” Someone banged a drum and all cheered to the strains of the Hallelujah Chorus, blaring through the speakers. On the side of the truck was a banner which read: “Dump Cheney, Vote LaRouche”—which to say the least of it shows an imperfect understanding of the way our electoral system works.

You would think young people, especially, would be ashamed to make such a public spectacle of themselves, but like derelicts m ...

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James Bowman is the author of Honor: A History (Encounter Books).

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This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 22 February 2004, on page 61

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