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- Harry Mount, the London Telegraph

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February 2013

Moody's vs. higher ed

More on the crisis in higher education.

Last month in this space, we noted some of the trends affecting the future of higher education in this country. One trend is the explosion in tuition and fees over the last several decades, an explosion matched by the hypertrophy of college administrators, as more and more “deans of diversity” and programs in non-subjects like women’s studies batten on the economic lifeblood of an institution. At many top-rated institutions today, the total yearly tab exceeds $60,000. Where is that money coming from? And—the question of questions—what do you get for it? Those are questions that more and more parents and prospective students will be asking, and the colleges and universities that are pimping themselves for tuition dollars will not like the answer many of them will arrive at. Spirali ...

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This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 31 February 2013, on page 1

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