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James Piereson

James Piereson is president of the William E. Simon Foundation and a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

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Abraham Lincoln: American prophet | December 2014

How Lincoln dealt with the press and the founders' legacy.

Reclaiming Madison | June 2014

A new biography of James Madison hopes to change the way we remember America's fourth President.

The Kennedy phenomenon | March 2014

Uncovering the media lies that continue to shape the history of JFK's assassination

Right at the end | June 2013

A review of The End Is Near and It's Going to Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure by Kevin D. Williamson

He was the change | November 2012

A review of I Am the Change: Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism by Charles R. Kesler

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The Kennedy Phenomenon: "The Kennedy Assassination and the Kennedy Legend"

James Piereson outlines the differences between the legends surrounding Kennedy and the historical facts, touching on his new book, Camelot and the Cultural Revolution.

Posted on: 11/22/2013


James Piereson

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