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Alexander Nazaryan

Alexander Nazaryan has written book reviews for the New Criterion, New York Times, Village Voice, and many other publications. He is writing a novel about Russian organized crime.  He is the editor of Page Views, the literary blog of the New York Daily News.

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Feb 04, 2008

Spy Games

The consistently excellent Washington Post Book World ran a review of Comrade J: Untold Secrets of A Russian Spy in America After the Cold War by Pete Earley. Clunky subtitle aside, this is a fascinating view into the world of Sergei Tretyakov, a Russian spy who came to New York in 2000 to work for his country but later flipped, telling his secrets to the CIA and FBI.

Jan 24, 2008

Gawker is dead?

Media blogging is a strange little enterprise: it trumpets the death of traditional media, yet fully depends on their continued existence. Such blogs are like the oxpecker birds that nestle in the hide of a rhinoceros, gently picking away at the behemoth while getting sustenance from it.

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