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James Bowman

James Bowman is the author of Honor: A History (Encounter Books) and Media Madness: The Corruption of Our Political Culture, also published by Encounter (2008) . He was born in Kane, Pennsylvania in 1948 and grew up in Jupiter, Florida. He attended Davidson and Lebanon Valley Colleges in America and Pembroke College, Cambridge University in England, from which he holds an M.A. Mr. Bowman taught English and General Studies at Westminster School and Portsmouth Grammar School in England from 1980 to 1989 and was the American correspondent of The Spectator of London from 1989-1991.  He was the American editor of the Times Literary Supplement of London. from 1991 to 2002. In addition, he has been the film critic of the American Spectator since 1990 and the media critic of The New Criterion in care of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, 1730 M Street, Suite 910, Washington, DC 20036, or via e-mail at

article archive

The king of tastelessness | February 2016

Has all TV become reality TV?

Manners makyth man | January 2016

On the media's rhetorical guerrilla warfare.

A topos of chaos | December 2015

What happens to our government when the media relies on political chaos?

Parodic crudeness | November 2015

Has the media demonized the opposition?

Trumped-up narratives | October 2015

On the responses to the American train heroes and Trump on the campaign trail.

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Media Madness: The Corruption of Our Political Culture

Media Madness: The Corruption of Our Political Culture

by James Bowman



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Honor: A History

Honor: A History

by James Bowman



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