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Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck is a writer living in Hudson, New York. He has contributed on fiction and other subjects to The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, and elsewhere.

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Sep 22, 2009


I don’t have much love for Adam Gopnik. I’ve never gotten over his horrifying and, I think, sensibility-defining comment about the smell of lower Manhattan in the wake of 9/11: “Not entirely horrible from a reasonable distance—almost like the smell of smoked mozzarella.

Sep 13, 2009

Truth & consequences

I first came across this column by Charles Krauthammer on September 11. I was, am, in perfect sympathy with its main argument, which is that Van Jones’s association with the 9/11 “Truth” movement should have disqualified him from membership in “polite society,” to say nothing of “a high-level job in the White House.

Aug 28, 2009

Teachers leave them kids alone

As anyone with an Internet connection knows, Science and Research spend a lot of time and money proving things that those of us with common sense already know. For instance, I just punched “scientific study” into Google News and pulled up this doozy: “Study of Hurricane Katrina’s dead show most were old, lived near levee breaches.

Aug 25, 2009

Flyte plan

Encounter a book too early in life—for instance, the Odyssey in a ninth-grade English class—and you’re unlikely to appreciate it fully. Put a book down one too many times—perhaps The Brothers Karamazov—and you’ll probably never get around to finishing it.

Jul 18, 2009

Travel by ordeal

When it comes to travel, we modern folk have it far too easy. Is it possible any longer to have an adventure when, according to this Der Spiegel piece, even “the highest point on Earth, the 8,848 meter peak of Everest” is in danger of become a tourist trap.

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