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It operates as a refuge for a civilizing element in short supply in contemporary America: honest criticism
- The Wall Street Journal


Michael J. Lewis

Michael J Lewis's latest book is American Art & Architecture (Thames & Hudson).

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The "new" New Brutalism | December 2014

Brutalism is back.

MOMA adrift | May 2014

The destruction of the Folk Art Museum will be remembered as MOMA’s great lost opportunity.

Philanthropic tyranny at the NYPL | December 2013

The Central Library Plan's renovations to the New York Public Library will hurt both scholars and average users.

Frank Furness, rational rogue | February 2013

Reconsidering the "rogue" architecture of Frank Furness.

Ringside with Bellows | December 2012

On George Bellows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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American Art and Architecture (World of Art)

American Art and Architecture (World of Art)

by Michael J. Lewis



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