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It operates as a refuge for a civilizing element in short supply in contemporary America: honest criticism
- The Wall Street Journal


Donald Lyons

Donald Lyons is the theater critic of the New York Post and the author of Independent Visions (Ballantine).


Dark comedy (Books) , May 2003, 76
A review of Euripides. Vol. 5: Helen, Phoenician Women, Orestes. Vol. 6: The Bacchae, Iphigenia at Aulis, Rhesus, edited by David Kovacs.

Out of Neronian chaos (Books) , February 2001, 71
A review of Satyricon by Petronius, translated by Sarah Ruden.

Willa Cather's “The Professor's House” (Features) , January 2000, 10

A major's minor: Ezra Pound's poetry (Features) , June 1999, 16

Choosing coarseness (Books) , May 1999, 76
Aristophanes, Volume I: Acharnians, Knights & Volume II: Clouds, Wasps, Peace, edited & translated by Jeffrey Henderson

The sense of Gertrude Stein (Features) , May 1998, 11
On the two-volume Gertrude Stein published by the Library of America, edited by Catharine R. Stimpson & Harriet Chessman

Wallace Stevens's real world (Features) , February 1998, 23
On Wallace Stevens: Collected Poetry & Prose published by the Library of America, edited by Frank Kermode & Joan Richardson

Nabokov in America (Features) , December 1997, 18
On the three-volume Vladimir Nabokov published by the Library of America

The second English epic (Books) , October 1996, 69
Review of Alexander Pope's translation of The Iliad edited by Steven Shankman

Shorter notice (Books) , September 1996, 141
On A Greek-English Lexicon. Ninth Edition, with a Revised Supplement, 1996 compiled by Henry George Liddell & Robert Scott

Englishing the (Books) , June 1996, 88
Review of Horace in English edited by D. S. Carne-Ross & Kenneth Haynes

A minor Augustan (Books) , May 1996, 74

Modernist spirits: Apollinaire's “Alcools” (Features) , December 1995, 28
On The Cubist Poets in Paris: An Anthology edited, translated and with an introduction by L.C. Breunig, and Alcools by Guillaume Apollinaire, translated and with an introduction by Donald Revell.

Shorter notice (Books) , September 1995, 76
A review of The Mass Ornament: Weimar Essays by Siegfried Kracauer,Thomas Y. Levin

Shorter notice (Books) , May 1995, 79
Of A Dead Man in Deptford by Anthony Burgess.

The Sphinx of Athens (Books) , March 1995, 68
A review of the new Loeb Sophocles edited & translated by Hugh Lloyd-Jones.

Not worth the powder (Books) , February 1995, 67
A review of Witches & Jesuits: Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” by Garry Wills.

Shorter notice (Books) , September 1994, 89
Of Satire & Sentiment, 1660–1830 by Claude Rawson.

Angry women & furious machines (Theater) , June 1994, 45
On recent British imports, a revival of Picnic & new plays by Arthur Miller & Edward Albee.

Second chances (Theater) , May 1994, 58
On revivals of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel & Odets's The Flowering Peach.

Can't anyone here play this game? (Theater) , April 1994, 52
On Damn Yankees & other failed Broadway revivals.

On belly & floor in Pinterland (Theater) , March 1994, 44
On the Broadway revival of Pinter's No Man's Land.

Words at play (Theater) , February 1994, 58
On All in the Timing, six one-act comedies by David Ives.

Abes & angels (Theater) , January 1994, 48
On the revival of Robert E. Sherwood's Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Tony Kusher's Angels in America, Part II: Perestroika & other plays.

Young & at sea (Theater) , November 1993, 60
On the Willow Cabin production of Eugene O'Neill's S.S. Glencairn.

At long last, Lulu (Theater) , October 1993, 50
On Frank Wedekind's Lulu plays.

Summer fare (Theater) , September 1993, 67
On Jane Bowles's In the Summer House & other plays.

The trouble with “Angels” (Theater) , June 1993, 56
On Angels in America, Bergman’s Peer Gynt & three one-acts by Thornton Wilder.

Shelley, Shaw & Broadway (Theater) , May 1993, 45
On revivals of The Cenci & Candida & other plays.

Saints & sinners (Theater) , March 1993, 56
On revivals of O’Neill’s Anna Christie & Shaw’s Saint Joan.

Catullus: the poet as lover and scourge (Books) , February 1993, 56
A review of Catullus by Charles Martin.

Doing it wrong (Theater) , January 1993, 53
On the National Actors Theatre production of The Seagull & other plays.

Theater of academe (Theater) , December 1992, 48
On David Mamet’s Oleanna & Simon Gray’s The Holy Terror.

Aeschylus in Brooklyn (Theater) , November 1992, 53
On Ariane Mnouchkine's Les Atrides.

Sex, the Sixties & Camille Paglia (Features) , October 1992, 37

Revived & well (Poems) , June 1992, 57
On new productions of A Streetcar Named Desire & Guys and Dolls.

Shorter notice (Books) , June 1992, 83
Of Ancient Sun, Modern Light by Marianne McDonald.

Schiller & other exhumations (Theater) , May 1992, 54
On Friedrich Schiller's Mary Stuart & other plays.

'S wonderful; 's marvelous; stinks (Theater) , April 1992, 56
On Crazy for You and other plays.

A palpable miss (Theater) , March 1992, 65
On Richard Nelson's Two Shakespearean Actors.

By way of L.A. (Theater) , February 1992, 54
On Nick and Nora & other plays.

Othertimes, otherwheres (Theater) , January 1992, 54
On The Crucible & other plays.

Shorter notice (Books) , January 1992, 77
A review of David Slavitt's introduction to Virgil.

A miser and a hypocrite (Theater) , December 1991, 48
On recent New York productions of Molière’s The Miser & Tartuffe.

Smorgasbord (Theater) , December 1991, 52
On Brian Friel's Dancnig at Lughnasa & other plays.

Shorter notice (Books) , November 1991, 76
On John Bossy's account of Giordano Bruno.

Euripides in Paris, Shakespeare in London (Theater) , September 1991, 131

A crown of withered parsley (Theater) , June 1991, 52
On Miss Saigon & other Broadway fare.

Henry IV; monologists III (Theater) , 49

Henry IV; monologists III (Theater) , May 1991, 49
On Shakespeare’s play at the Public Theater & three one-woman shows on Broadway.

Büchner, Ibsen, and Mr. Wilson’s highchairs (Theater) , April 1991, 42
On Jean Cocteau Repertory productions of plays by Büchner & Ibsen & the American Repertory production of the Robert Brustein/Robert Wilson When We Dead Awaken.

Q.D.L. (Features) , March 1991, 22
On the literary criticism of Q. D. Leavis.

Backstage with Odets (Theater) , March 1991, 70
On the Roundabout Theater Company revival of The Country Girl.

The interests of the Group (Theater) , February 1991, 62
On Real Life Drama: The Group Theatre & America, 1931-1940 by Wendy Smith.

Circles (Theater) , January 1991, 63
On recent adaptations of Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle.

Shorter notice (Books) , January 1991, 83
Of After Bakhtin: Essays on Fiction & Criticism by David Lodge.

Chekhov at Yale (Theater) , November 1990, 56
Of the Oleg Yefremov production of Ivanov in New Haven.

Shorter notice (Books) , October 1990, 80
Of Greek Fire: The Influence of Ancient Greece on the Modern World by Oliver Taplin.

Shake-down and stand-up (Theater) , September 1990, 65
On John Guare’s Eight Degrees of Separation & Jules Feiffer’s Elliot Loves.

British fustian (Theater) , June 1990, 59
On Aspects of Love & Lettice & Lovage.

Underdogs and underwear (Theater) , May 1990, 47
On The Grapes of Wrath & Cat on the Hot Tin Roof on Broadway.

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