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- Harry Mount, the London Telegraph


Jenny Teichman

Jenny Teichman's Ethics and Reality

is forthcoming from Ashgate in the UK.


"The grisly science of embryo cloning" (Notebook) , June 2001, 84

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Books) , October 2000, 64
A review of A Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution, and Cooperation, by Peter Singer & Singer and His Critics, edited by Dale Jamieson.

Mary Warnock: the uses & abuses of philosophy (Features) , December 1999, 26

On the side of truth (Books) , November 1998, 71
On Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate: Unfashionable Essays by Susan Haack

The philosophy of We (Books) , September 1998, 60
Review of Truth and Progress: Philosophical Papers, Volume 3 by Richard Rorty

Substitutes for truth (Books) , December 1997, 71
Review of Belief & Resistance: Dynamics of Contemporary Intellectual Controversy by Barbara Herrnstein Smith

Quintessence of Quine (Books) , October 1995, 74
A review of From Stimulus to Science by W. V. Quine

Understanding Arendt (Books) , April 1994, 68
A review of Essays in Understanding by Hannah Arendt.

What is sacred? Ronald Dworkin and his answers (Features) , November 1993, 8
A review of Life's Dominion by Mr. Dworkin.

The false philosophy of Peter Singer (Features) , April 1993, 25

Flights of the enchanter (Books) , January 1993, 60
On Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals by Iris Murdoch.

Love on the couch (Books) , 72

Love on the couch (Books) , May 1991, 72
A review of Love & Its Place in Nature: A Philosophical Interpretation of Freudian Psychoanalysis by Jonathan Lear.

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