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Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple is a doctor who works in a British inner city hospital and prison. He has worked in Africa, the Pacific and Latin America. He has published two collections of articles (If Symptoms Persist, and If Symptoms Still Persist), a novel, So Little Done: The Testament of a Serial Killer, and a polemic on the meaning of Health scares, Mass Listeria. He writes for The Spectator in London and many newspapers. He is contributing editor of the City Journal, New York. His articles written for the City Journal have been collected in Life at the Bottom : The Worldview That Makes the Underclass (Ivan Dee). He has also recently published The Intelligent Person’s Guide to Health and Health Care (Duckworth, London).


The more things change (Notebook) , September 2014, 76
Hypertension, depressions, and the role of law in the enforcement of morals.

Beauty out of madness (Notebook) , June 2014, 86
Looking at the Prinzhorn Collection, a collection of artwork by psychotic patients.

Sun, sea, sensation, servants (Notebook) , March 2010, 74
On what to make of Dubai.

Small acts of disdain (Books) , November 2008, 68
On Mrs. Woolf & the Servants: An Intimate History of Bloomsbury by Alison Light.

Forced smiles (Books) , September 2006, 135
A review of Artificial Happiness: The Dark Side of the New Happy Class by Ronald W. Dworkin

Out of the time machine (Features) , June 2006, 17
On H. G. Wells's clairvoyance.

Bang or whimper? (Reconsiderations) , March 2006, 30
On the Centre Pompidou's "Creation and Destruction in Twentieth-Century Art."

Know when to fold 'em (Notebook) , February 2006, 77
Gambling with Dostoyevsky.

Kathmandu-sur-Rhone (Notebook) , December 2005, 93
Theodore Dalrymple on the turmoil in France.

Holmes & his commentators (Features) , November 2005, 4
On a new annotated edition of Conan Doyle's "Holmes" novels.

The end of virtuous Albion (Features) , September 2005, 29
Britain Today: Part V
On some British virtues, once commonplace, that are today increasingly hard to find.

Bad Counsel (Books) , June 2005, 85
A review of One Nation Under Therapy: How the Helping Culture is Eroding Self-Reliance, by Sally Satel & Christina Hoff Sommers.

An imaginary "scandal" (Notebook) , May 2005, 90
On literary scandals real and trumped up.

Desert-island reading (Features) , February 2005, 21
On a few works from the desert-island genre of literature and the lasting impressions they are capable of making.

The saddhu of sodomy (Notebook) , December 2004, 85
A review of Surrender: An Erotic Memoir, by Toni Bentley.

The lessons of (Features) , November 2004, 17
On the lessons of suffering we can learn from Nathanael West’s Miss Lonelyhearts.

Mr. Hyde & the epidemiology of evil (Features) , September 2004, 24
On a persistent misunderstanding of the story of Jekyll and Hyde.

Reflections on the oldest profession (Features) , April 2004, 43
On the ubiquitous subject of crime & prostitution in the literary world.

Priez pour lui (Notebook) , September 2003, 77
An “ideal bohemian couple,” and a sordid end.

Anglo-saxon attitudes (Letter from Paris) , April 2003, 44
What do unintelligent or uneducated Parisians read?

Cliquez ici for Alexandria (Notebook) , March 2003, 77
Exploring Alexandria’s library & the city, hometown of Cavafy.

The anatomy of murder (Features) , February 2003, 23
Considering murder in literature and life.

Arrested development (Notebook) , June 2002, 93
On Oscar Wilde.

Discovering LaRochefoucauld (Features) , April 2001, 28
Lessons from the great French master of the discomfiting aphorism.

Walsall redux (Notebook) , February 2001, 78
A response to his critics & the furor occasioned by “Crudity beyond belief” (September 2000).

Reticence or insincerity, Rattigan or Pinter (Features) , November 2000, 12
On the work of Terrence Rattigan and Harold Pinter.

Crudity beyond belief (Notebook) , September 2000, 77
On the English town Walsall, and its new art gallery.

Exposing shallowness (Books) , June 2000, 74
On Margo DeMello's Bodies of Inscription

Tiresias redux (Books) , April 2000, 68
A review of Crossing by Deirdre N. McCloskey

Bolívar's platter (Notebook) , March 2000, 77

Gooseberries (Notebook) , November 1999, 77
Reflections on Chekhov & the author's father

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