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Martin Greenberg

Martin Greenberg's translation of Goethe's Faust is available from Yale University Press.


Daniel Fuchs: “A man must make money” (Reconsiderations) , October 2007, 34
On the novelist and screenwriter Daniel Fuchs.

The difficult justice of Melville & Kleist (Features) , March 2005, 24
On the “issues of justice, especially social justice and law” in Billy Budd and Michael Kohlhaas.

In search of Don Quixote (Features) , October 2004, 28
On two “schools” of reading “the mother of all novels.”

Giovanni Verga's verismo (Features) , May 2004, 18
On an obscure but brilliant Italian novelist, “one of the great European realists.”

“Don't draw the bug!” (Art) , October 2002, 44
On The City of K.-Franz Kafka and Prague at the Jewish Museum.

Burke & political liberty (Features) , March 2002, 4
The seventh in a series titled “The survival of culture.”

Four poems by Rainer Maria von Rilke (Poems) , March 2001, 33
Translated by Martin Greenberg, with his introduction.

The river grows muddied: the evolution of English prose (Features) , September 2000, 26

Hazlitt & Wordsworth: the language of poetry (Features) , February 2000, 10
On Hazlitt's adversarial relationship with Wordsworth.

Howard's rendering (Books) , January 2000, 63
Review of Richard Howard's translation of Stendhal's The Charterhouse of Parma

Thomas Mann in English (Features) , March 1999, 21
On the difficulties in translation

Herr X says (Poems) , May 1998, 26
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's poem with matching translations from Martin Greenberg

From father I get my physique (Poems) , May 1998, 27
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's poem with matching translation from Martin Greenberg

A defense of translation (Features) , May 1993, 24

From the mattress grave: three late poems by Heinrich Heine (Features) , March 1993, 43
Translated with an introduction by Martin Greenberg.

Der Scheidende/His good-bye (Poems) , March 1993, 44
By Heinrich Heine, translated by Martin Greenberg.

Lass die heilgen Parabolen/Enough with all the parables (Poems) , March 1993, 46
By Heinrich Heine, translated by Martin Greenberg.

Gedächtnisfeier/Memorial service (Poems) , March 1993, 48
By Heinrich Heine, translated by Martin Greenberg.

An individual publisher (Books) , February 1992, 61
A review of Kurt Wolff: A Portrait in Essays & Letters.

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