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- John O’Sullivan


R. J. Stove

R. J. Stove is the author of The Unsleeping Eye: Secret Police and Their Victims (Encounter).


Off with the motley (Books) , June 2008, 85
On Leoncavallo: Life and Works by Konrad Dryden.

“I am folk music” (Books) , November 2007, 89
On Elgar: An Extraordinary Life by J. P. E. Harper-Scott and Elgar: An Anniversary Portrait, edited by Nicholas Kenyon.

Voice of thunder (Books) , December 2006, 79
On Hans Hotter's Memoirs.

The spy who cured me (Books) , November 2006, 67
A review of "Europe's Physician: The Various Life of Theodore de Mayerne" by Hugh Trevor-Roper.

Dryden in his time & ours (Features) , October 2006, 25
On Dryden's life and poetry.

Backpedaling (Books) , September 2006, 137
A review of All the Stops: The Glorious Pipe Organ & Its American Masters by Craig R. Whitney.

Saëns and sensibilité (Books) , October 2005, 79
On The Correspondence of Camille Saint-Saëns & Gabriel Fauré, edited by Jean-Michel Nectoux.

Composer on the couch (Books) , December 2004, 78
A review of Gustav Mahler: A Life in Crisis, by Stuart Feder.

Stanford education (Books) , September 2003, 75
A review of Charles Villiers Stanford, by Paul J. Rodmell.

Tenebrous Teutons (Books) , May 2002, 79
A review of German Opera: From Beginnings to Wagner, by John Warrack.

Roar of the greasepaint (Books) , September 2001, 114
A review of Pietro Mascagni: A Bio-Bibliography, by Roger Flury.

The Saint-Saëns enigma (Features) , January 2000, 26

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