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The New Criterion

The New Criterion is probably more consistently worth reading than any other magazine in English.
- The Times Literary Supplement


Vernon Young


Chaplin disinterred (Books) , June 1986, 62
A review of Chaplin: His Life & Art by David Robinson.

A vanishing metaphor (Books) , October 1985, 73
A review of On the Shores of the Mediterranean by Eric Newby.

Strindberg’s ghosts (Books) , March 1985, 71
A review of August Strindberg by Olof Lagercrantz.

Sailing toward Poland (Books) , June 1984, 82
A review of Joseph Conrad: The Three Lives by Frederick R. Karl & Joseph Conrad: A Chronicle by Zdzislaw Najder.

The bells of Calanda (Books) , February 1984, 64
A review of My Last Sigh: The Autobiography of Luis Buñuel.

The skin of his teeth (Books) , January 1984, 61
A review of The Enthusiast: A Life of Thornton Wilder by Gilbert A. Harrison.

The skull of Raphael (Books) , April 1983, 76

Worst possible ordeal (Books) , January 1983, 79
A review of The Life of John Berryman by John Haffenden.

Twilight in Italy (Books) , October 1982, 78
A review of Poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini & Pasolini: A Biography by Enzo Siciliano.

The New Criterion

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