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- Harry Mount, the London Telegraph

May 2015Volume 33, Number 9  

Notes & Comments

Trudeau’s pick of the litter

The author of the "raw and subversive" Doonesbury comic strip fails to grasp the true meaning of the First Amendment.


The moral of Caesar

by Roger Kimball

Caesar's death was more than the end of an extraordinary life; it was the end of an era.

The heresy of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's new book argues that the time for a Muslim reformation is now.

A burnt-out fairground

by David Pryce-Jones

A selection from David Pryce-Jones's memoir reveals the literary world, anti-Semitism, and changing politics of twentieth-century Europe.

Wolves Hall

by Dominic Green

On Hilary Mantel's works and their adaptations.



Left behind

by Kyle Smith

On The Audience at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, Skylight at the John Golden Theatre, & The Heidi Chronicles at the Music Box Theatre.


Donatello & friends at the Duomo

by Marco Grassi

On “Sculpture in the Age of Donatello" at The Museum of Biblical Art.

Velázquez in Paris

by Karen Wilkin

“Diego Velázquez” at the Grand Palais, Paris.

Exhibition note

by Bruce Cole

"A Centenary of Australian War Art” at the Embassy of Australia, Washington, D.C.

Gallery chronicle

by James Panero

On “Keith A. Smith: The Fabric Works: 1964–1980” at Bruce Silverstein; “Karen Schwartz: Down the Rabbit Hole” at Life on Mars Gallery; “Mel Bernstine” at McKenzie Fine Art; “Graham Nickson: Spectrum” at Betty Cuningham Gallery; “Louise P. Sloane: Recent Paintings” at Andre Zarre Gallery & “Arts in Bushwick: Making History” at Storefront Ten Eyck


New York chronicle

by Jay Nordlinger

On the Adès Totentanz, the St. Louis Symphony at Carnegie Hall, John Adams's Scheherazade.2 & more.

The Media

Manners & morals

On fraternities & manliness

by Emily Esfahani Smith

The history of the fraternities may hold the solution for curing the current ills of the Greek system.

Fiction Chronicle

The story of the grail

by Stefan Beck

Reviews of The Buried Giant, by Kazuo Ishiguro; John the Pupil, by David Flusfeder; Know Your Beholder, by Adam Rapp & Notes from a Dead House, by Fyodor Dostoevsky.


Young Stalin’s mortal roulette

by Conrad Black

on Stalin: Volume I: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928 by Stephen Kotkin

Ovid in exile

by Sarah Ruden

on The Offense of Love: Ars Amatoria, Remedia Amoris, and Tristia 2 (Wisconsin Studies in Classics) by Ovid,Julia D. Hejduk

Spain’s comrade

by Stanley G. Payne

on The Last Stalinist by Paul Preston

Westlake’s nonfiction

by David Guaspari

on The Getaway Car: A Donald Westlake Nonfiction Miscellany by Donald E. Westlake,Levi Stahl,Levi Stahl,Lawrence Block

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