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- John O’Sullivan

October 2014Volume 33, Number 2  

Notes & Comments

Standing up to Allah at Yale

Yale president Peter Salovey takes a stand for free speech.


The ambiguous witness of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

by James Nuechterlein

The complicated legacy of the anti-Nazi theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

A schoolboy’s guide to war

by Andrew Stuttaford

How England's public school boys won the First World War.

King cotton

by Gene Dattel

The story of cotton reveals that America's problematic history with race is just as much a northern problem as a southern one.

God’s artist paints a single picture

by Sarah Ruden

Considering the beauty of Augustine of Hippo's Confessions.


Letter from Kiev

Nothing to talk about

by Douglas E. Schoen

A look at the depressing state of American foreign policy.


Men of the Baroque: the sculptor & the poet

by F. H. Buckley

On the works of Gianlorenzo Bernini and Richard Crashaw.


Exit, pursued by a bear

by Kevin D. Williamson

Reviews of The Winter’s Tale and The Opponent.


Surprises at the National Gallery

by Karen Wilkin

On “Titian’s Danaë from the Capodimonte Museum, Naples,” at the National Gallery Washington, D.C.

Gallery chronicle

by James Panero

On “State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now” at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; “Ellen Letcher: Gaslight” at Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden Pocket Utopia; “Amy Feldman: High Sign” at Blackston; “Katherine Taylor: New Sculptures” at Skoto Gallery; and “Robert Otto Epstein: Sleeveless” at 99¢ Plus Gallery.


Salzburg chronicle

by Jay Nordlinger

A recap of this year's Salzburg Festival.

The Media

Crocodile tears on the back nine

by James Bowman

What are Obama's plans for ISIS?


Globe trotting

by Conrad Black

on World Order by Henry Kissinger

Roar of the ordinary

by Gary Saul Morson

on Literary Criticism from Plato to Postmodernism: The Humanistic Alternative by James Seaton

A tale of two cities

by Malcolm Forbes

on Berlin Now: The City After the Wall by Peter Schneider,Sophie Schlondorff

Britain, alone

by Simon Heffer

on Operation Sea Lion: The Failed Nazi Invasion that Turned the Tide of War by Leo McKinstry

An artist’s notebook

by Mario Naves

on Georges Braque & Others: The Selected Art Writings of Trevor Winkfield, 1990-2009 by Trevor Winkfield

Technique over feeling

by Micah Mattix

on Collected French Translations: Poetry by John Ashbery,Eugene Richie,Rosanne Wasserman

Nanny states

by Sarah Harrison Smith

on Love, Nina: A Nanny Writes Home by Nina Stibbe

An historian, revisited

by David Pryce-Jones

on One Hundred Letters from Hugh Trevor-Roper by Richard Davenport-Hines,Adam Sisman

The Wizard of “Is”

by Paul Dean

on Metaphor by Denis Donoghue


Not a leg to stand on

by Anthony Daniels

On the one-legged poets W. E. Henley and W. H. Davies.

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