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The New Criterion

It operates as a refuge for a civilizing element in short supply in contemporary America: honest criticism
- The Wall Street Journal

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About our ePubs & PDFs


Now you can read The New Criterion without going to your mailbox or newsstand. In addition to our extensive online archive that includes 30 years worth of articles, we are pleased to offer print and online subscribers our most recent issues in both PDF and ePub formats—at no additional charge. Subscribe to our print or online edition and start downloading your digital copies of The New Criterion today.  Current subscribers only need to register to start accessing these new and exciting formats. 


Our PDF is an exact snapshot of our print issue, perfect for viewing, printing, or emailing from your computer. PDF files go online when we send the journal to press, often more than a week before the newsstand date.  With email updates alerting subscribers to when the latest PDF goes online, this service offers you the first chance to read our upcoming issue.


The ePub is a new, flexible format at The New Criterion, offering issues from May 2010 to our present issue.  Our ePub content is optimized to work with iBooks on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and is compatible with other e-readers including the Barnes & Nobel NOOK, the Sony Reader, and dozens of others.  Check with your e-reader's manufacturer for exact compatibility specifications.  Please note that since ePubs take us a week or more to create, there will be a slight delay between the newsstand date and the availability of our latest ePub.



About our iPad app

For non-subscribers, our free iPad app offers the option to buy individual issues of The New Criterion and take high-quality criticism with you wherever you go.  The app also offers subscription packages which will download the latest issue of the magazine directly to your tablet every month, and are supported with free updates and bug fixes.  Our app is a stand-alone product, so readers who want more comprehensive access to our services—including our 30 years of archives, early-delivery PDF versions of the magazine, and access to articles on our website—are encouraged to explore our other subscription offers.  For a limited time, a free sample issue of The New Criterion is available within the app to help you decide what option is best for you.


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