I never expected to have a reason to applaud Courtney Love, the drug-addled musician best known for her marriage to the late anti-hero Kurt Cobain. But then, I’d never heard this delightful little story about Love and Gore:

’’I’m a really big fan,’’ gushed the vice president.

’’Yeah, right. Name a song,’’ scoffed Courtney. The panicked vice panderer floundered helplessly. Fortunately, his Secret Service guys moved in before he wound up completely riddled by Hole. As wise old campaign consultants always say, the politician’s First Rule of Holes is: When you’re in one, stop digging. Al introduced us to a Second Rule: When you’re with one, stop pretending to dig her.

John Kerry, heir apparent to ersatz cool, was interviewed on MTV several nights ago in a segment called “Choose or Lose: 20 Million Loud.” Like Gore, when Kerry’s before kids, he’s in pander mode. The best Kerryism of the bit was the zen-koan-like “If I told you I was cool, then I wouldn’t be cool.”

This impulse to keep it safe, to be everyone’s best friend without ever trying sincerity, is what leftist blogger Ted Rall believes will undo Air America, as it is presently set up:

. . . political talk radio is a difficult medium, very personal and different than televised and stand-up comedy. Listeners to AM talk radio crave honesty, straightforwardness, the ability to think on your feet when dealing with callers.