It’s Hate On Stefan and James Day in the blogosphere! (Well, let’s be fair: Every day is Hate On Stefan and James Day in the blogosphere.) This thanks to a certain book whose title you now love to hate and late to love. Exhibit A is a spirited discussion of my brazen disregard--contempt, even--for journalistic standards. (Be sure to click on the “comments” to see the best, most hysterical minds of my generation hard at work.)

This is ridiculous. No Free Pressers would give such a long blurb for the Review, adding all those extra things, such as prefering Reviewer “hang-outs”, whatever those are.
You know, there just may be some truth in that.

Meanwhile, Exhibit B is no fan of James. Here Boy Panero has been nominated for “The 2006 First Annual Most Annoying Person in New York Sand-in-the-Sandwich Awards”:

I became aware of (Panero) a few months back when his buddy Stefan Beck “derided [Solomon’s] polite critique of his N+1 takedown as a ’whimpering non-response.’”

For a while I’d planned on nominating Stefan Beck himself for this award, in part for coediting a collection of essays from his college conservative rag and at the same time blasting n+1 by saying “They live the dream of getting paid (however little it may be) for their glorified term papers.” But Beck is a minor figure. Panero, his boss at the New Criterion, is the annoyance-in-chief. Here he is in an interview with FrontPage Magazine.

Stefan and I were editors of The Dartmouth Review in the early Oughts and late Nineties, respectively. [OUGHTS] We’d been kicking around the idea of a Review anthology since our student days [all of two years ago]—to get together those infamous articles that saw our Review forefathers “threatened, impugned, vandalized, sued, suspended, and bitten.”
More remote than it ever should be, Dartmouth is a combination of Parnassus and NBC’s Survivor, with a singular, isolated campus culture that has a particular resistance to left-liberal academic assumptions. While a point of pride for many, and I believe the school’s saving grace, for decades this situation has vexed Dartmouth’s progressive leadership. Its self-selecting trustees and administration have therefore been at loggerheads over the future of the institution with more moderate rank-and-file students and alumni.

Holy crap. First of all, Solomon and I both attended the real “combination of Parnassus and Survivor,” and it ain’t Dartmouth.

Second, don’t write like that, please. You think you’re being funny, but you’re not funny. Too many rich, annoying white guys take it as a mark of pride that people can’t stand listening to or even looking at them.

Look at that smug punum. I can’t stand it. He probably gets laid all the time. He probably also has coke on him most of the time.

Alas, I had to redact the last word of the post--this is a family friendly website after all.

I note that James is in for some tough competition, pitted as he is against Anderson Cooper, Vincent Gallo, and ’The guy who maybe tried to roofie my friend at a bar.’ But at least one commentor puts Panero at the top of the list: “I vote for James Panero, and for Vicent Gallo to get the consolation prize.”

As the Associate Annoyance around these parts, I heartily agree.