A drink-sodden ex-Trotskyist popinjay responds

[Posted 4:18 PM by Stefan Beck]

The last word on Galloway:

Moreover, I knew a bit about Galloway. He had had to resign as the head of a charity called "War on Want," after repaying some disputed expenses for living the high life in dirt-poor countries. Indeed, he was a type well known in the Labour movement. Prolier than thou, and ostentatiously radical, but a bit too fond of the cigars and limos and always looking a bit odd in a suit that was slightly too expensive. By turns aggressive and unctuous, either at your feet or at your throat; a bit of a backslapper, nothing’s too good for the working class: what the English call a "wide boy."
Read the whole thing here. The Hitch has yet again made steps toward atoning for his sins.