James Panero, Roger Kimball, Eric Simpson

Dear Reader,

Since the inception of The Hilton Kramer Fellowship honoring our founding editor in 2013, The New Criterion has strengthened the ranks of measured cultural criticism by serving as a first home for talented young writers. Thanks to the generous and overwhelming support of our readers, we have been honored to mentor five promising writers. They have graduated from our Fellowship and graced the pages and editorial staffs of The Wall Street Journal, City Journal, The Washington Post, and more.

The New Criterion has served as a first home for talented young writers.

Though they may have varied interests—from classical music to painting, architecture to international affairs—Hilton Kramer Fellows are connected by a shared understanding of the importance of the preservation of our cultural inheritance. It is with this in mind that we ask for your support, so that we can continue to find and employ promising young writers who will uphold critical standards for a new age.

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