’what is still Dutch about Holland?’

[Posted 11:27 AM by James Panero]

Douglas Murray, a Bright Young Thing, wrote for us on ’Targeted jihad in the Netherlands’ in January. Murray’s trenchant feature came out of "Threats to Democracy," a conference we held last October with the Social Affairs Unit.

Given the recent news coming out of Holland, we’ve been eagerly awaiting what Murray has to say about the proposed exiling of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a vocal opponent of radical Islam, from the country that is fast becoming the mine canary of European Islamization. Murray’s response is now up at the Social Affairs Unit weblog. It picks up where his January feature left off.

When I predicted Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s departure from Holland I knew that circumstances in Holland had made living there intolerable for her. I never imagined that Holland would simultaneously withdraw citizenship, and that if she had not wanted to leave she should have been forced to do so. Many Dutch friends have told me in recent days that they feel ashamed of their country. They should also feel fear for it.

A society which expels its friends and welcomes its destroyers can have little time left. Hirsi Ali has found sanctuary in America, and America has gained a great treasure. But how long can Europe survive this moral and spinal equivalent of a brain-drain? Is anyone really still unsure what Europe will look like when the few people who show bravery in the face of Islamic aggression are either murdered, silenced or forced into exile, while those who plot our downfall are excused and pandered to?

You can read Murray’s entire piece here.

As for the Netherlands, we have a special award to bestow: