Today marks the fifth anniversary of the passing of William F. Buckley Jr. On National Review Online, Roger Kimball addresses Buckley's contribution to conservatism. Roger writes, "Bill started NR with a defiant promise to 'stand athwart history yelling stop!'" Roger also remembers what gave Buckley his appeal:

Part of Bill's genius was the uncanny ability to combine that invigorating yelp of resistance with an inveigling geniality. The combination was irresistible.

Young Friend of The New Criterion Larry Perelman also has an article for National Review Online. He recounts his experience at the Buckley house the day Buckley died. He writes:

I looked outside at the American flag outside the study and at Long Island Sound. I thought about everything Bill had done for his country, and for my family and the countless millions of people who waged battles against Communist regimes around the world.

The New Criterion's Young Friends Advisory Board is hosting a dinner tonight with special guest Father George Rutler, who presided over Buckley's memorial service in 2008. Father Rutler will be delivering remarks at the dinner on the legacy of William F. Buckley.