Carla Gannis, The Garden of Emoji Delights (detail).
Photo by Sarah Cascone, via Instagram

It's Armory Week!


Recent links of note:

How Music Hijacks Our Perception of Time
Jonathan Berger, Nautilus
A composer details how music works its magic on our brains.

Harper Lee tells iniquisitive journalist to 'go away!'
Alison Flood, The Guardian
This has been your weekly Harper Lee update. 

Music to Shoot You By: Taking Beethoven on a Ride-Along in First-Person-Shooter Games
Ted Gioia, The Daily Beast
"The grandiloquent sounds of the 19th century are still alive in the new millennium … but only when someone is getting bludgeoned, bloodied, blown-up, or decimated with automatic weapons." That, or when you're squeezing past immovable aisle-seaters just as intermission ends, am I right?

Foreign Service Rules for Handling a Visit From William Faulkner
Greg Barnhiser, Slate
"To ensure future goodwill tours would be equally successful, [FSO] Picon devised some “Guidelines for Handling Mr. William Faulkner on His Trips Abroad” that were discreetly circulated to all foreign posts before a Faulkner visit. Among the guidelines were “keep several pretty young girls in the front two rows of any public appearance to keep his attention up,” “put someone in charge of his liquor at all times so that he doesn’t drink too quickly,” and “do not allow him to venture out on his own without an escort.”

David Geffen Captures Naming Rights to Avery Fisher Hall With Donation
Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times
Reports state that the new name will be—you guessed it—David Geffen Hall, but I'm holding out for something a bit more evocative. Risky Business Hall, say, or The Sonic Youth Memorial Hall. Other suggestions?


From our pages:

Homer in the Tropics
Alexander Suebsaeng
On teaching classics at Kamuzu Academy in Malawi.