I have been told to relate all that I know about Petrashevsky and the people who attended the Friday gatherings at his place; that is, I have been told to give testimony about both the facts and my personal opinions of these facts. Judging from my first interrogation, I conclude that a detailed response to the following items is required of me:

1. What is Petrashevsky like as a man, in general, and as a political figure, in particular?

2. What took place at the gatherings at Petrashevsky’s that I attended and what opinions do I have of those gatherings?

3. Did the Petrashevsky group not have some hidden, clandestine purpose? Is Petrashevsky personally a dangerous man, and to what extent does he pose a threat to society?

I have never been on very close terms with Petrashevsky, although I attended his Friday gatherings and he, in turn, would...

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