To the Editors:
Professor Norman Cantor’s second attack on Lawrence Stone—in the Letters section of the December issue—is mephitic. Cantor manages to commit in a short space many of the worst sins that a historian can, including that of pride. He brags that the sect of historians to which he claims to belong (“liberal humanist” or “liberal conservative”—there’s nothing like precision) is free from ideological bias in a way that its opponents are not. He lumps together as adherents of a single ideology (“a … subtle and poisonous Marxism”—whatever that is) historians of very different, even opposed views and methods. He misrepresents the views of his chief target, Stone, by selective quotation, inaccurate summary, and suppression of inconvenient facts. And he makes fantastic allegations about the conduct of the entire Princeton history department without producing a speck of evidence to support...

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