Jed Perl was born in New York City in 1951 and has a bachelor of arts degree from Columbia College and a master of fine arts degree from Brooklyn College. He writes regularly on contem¬porary art for The New Criterion, and has also written far Arts Magazine, Art in America, Aperture, The New Republic, and Vogue. He is currently at work on a study of French art since World War I, to be published by North Point Press in Berkeley, California. He lives in New York.

r*or the artist and the critic, a sense of value, though ultimately based on something like instinct, is shaped by a multitude of encoun¬ters with works of art and ideas about art. The experience of older and newer images and ideas, good and bad, and of other peo¬ple's reactions to them: all these—together, of course, with one's reactions to one's own work and other people's reactions to it— form a constant, day-by-day accretion of minute judgments that build toward a...

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