Letter from Ernest Fleischmann
Executive Director, Los Angeles Philharmonic Association

To the Editors:

It was inevitable that Samuel Lipman, that consistently amusing, often provocative “art-for-art’s sake” gadfly, would find fault with the concerns I have expressed about the future of the symphony orchestra. It was probably also rather inevitable that he would omit and/or misrepresent—in his article “Is the Symphony Orchestra Dead?” (September, 1987)—a good deal of the essence of my arguments.

None of this would matter if his contribution to this urgent debate provided the stimulation and, indeed, wisdom one expects from someone whose views are given credence in the corridors of musical power. It is sad that, instead, Mr. Lipman saw fit to take up almost seven pages of his esteemed publication with his usual condemnation of musical administrators, those...


A Message from the Editors

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