To the Editors:
Jed Perl, in “A Dissent on Kiefer” (December 1988), cites me from a Times Magazine piece as follows: “I don’t think that any of the contemporary American or European painters is as good as Kiefer. He is my bet.” I never said this. The irresponsible writer of the Times Magazine text “extrapolated” this from an observation that Kiefer was clearly the best of the European Neo-Expressionists of recent years. As the article in question was a Sunday supplement piece, by an unserious writer, I didn’t bother to correct it. I see now that was a mistake.

William Rubin
Director Emeritus, Painting and Sculpture
The Museum of Modern Art
New York, NY

To the Editors:
Having written six times, for as many publications, in praise of Anselm Kiefer, I must presume that I am among the “art-world types” dissented from in Jed Perl’s...

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