A few months hence we shall be observing the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Horizon, the literary monthly which Cyril Connolly founded in London in the early months of the Second World War. We shall also be observing the fortieth anniversary of the magazine’s demise. Calling itself “A Review of Literature & Art,” Horizon was published for exactly a decade—and what a decade it was! The first issue went to press barely three months after Britain, still a world power but woefully ill-prepared to fight a major war, found itself locked in lonely combat against the Nazis, who were very shortly in control of most of Europe. The last issue, with its unforgettable dirge— “. .. it is closing time in the gardens of the West,” etc.—emerged from a weaker and even bleaker, now “socialist” England, which was so impoverished and dispirited that it looked more and...


A Message from the Editors

Our past successes are owed to our greatest ambassadors: our readers. Our future rests on your support, as The New Criterion Editor Roger Kimball explains. Will you help us continue to bring our incisive review of the arts and culture to the next generation of readers?

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