Thomas F. Staley & Randolph Lewis, editors   Reflections on James Joyce: Stuart Gilbert’s Paris Journal.
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center/University of Texas Press, 103 pages, $24.95

reviewed by Jeffrey Meyers

Stuart Gilbert (1883-1969) took a First at Oxford, joined the Indian Civil Service in 1907, and spent nearly twenty years as a hanging judge in Burma, where, toward the end of his long career, he was a contemporary of George Orwell’s. Gilbert once sentenced a Burmese to death for murder, but after the man used political influence to escape the penalty, Gilbert chatted affably with him when they met. Gilbert also had a brief stint in Mesopotamia in 1918-19, two years after T. E. Lawrence tried to bribe the Turkish generals to raise the siege of Kut. In his introduction to Gilbert’s Paris Journal, Thomas Staley writes: “Although Burma was an English colony, a version...

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