Donald Harman Akenson Conor: A Biography of Conor Cruise O’Brien.
Cornell University Press, 573 pages, $35

Donald Harman Akenson, editor Conor Cruise O’Brien Anthology.
Cornell University Press, 356 pages, $39.95

reviewed by Mark Falcoff

Conor Cruise O’Brien is one of the most extraordinary personalities of the late twentieth century. Born in Ireland in 1917, he has been successively a civil servant, diplomat, U.N. official, academic administrator, member of the Irish parliament, Irish minister for posts and telegraphs, journalist, and author of a half-dozen first-rate books and several hundred articles, ranging from literary criticism to political philosophy and international affairs. Though well-grounded in Irish history and culture (unlike most of his countrymen, he is fully fluent in Gaelic), O’Brien has lived and worked in France, Britain,...

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