On February 15, Hillary Clinton attended the Broadway revival of Sunset Boulevard and posed for a picture with the show’s star, Glenn Close, who was still in full stage makeup. So there they were, the lonely, desperately self-deluding gargoyle who doesn’t realize her career is over, and Norma Desmond. One pictures Mrs. C spending a lot of time sitting in the dark in Chappaqua these days, a pitcher of pina coladas near at hand (because everything about her has to be P.C.), ordering her stone-faced butler John Podesta to cue up the next flickering clip from glory days. “Play the tape where I say, ‘I don’t know who created Pokémon Go, but I’m trying to figure out how to get them to Pokémon-go-to-the-polls!’ haw haw haw.” Then, after one drink too many: “They...


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